Oil Paintings

With these paintings, I use my sculptural language of tension, balance, and gravity along with harmonic color to evoke the specific light and feel of places.  Beginning with a visceral memory of being in a garden at twilight, riding a mountain train in India, or walking through a thick bed of deep red roses, I transform my recollections into painted form and color. 

I stick to one structure, a simple language of organic geometric forms balanced dynamically within a rectangular space, and then I play and build within that, depending on the specific colors and forms involved. I love the freedom this approach provides.

My heroes are Giorgio Morandi, Henri Matisse and David Smith. 


I will exhibit 15 of these paintings at T Gallery in Southampton, NY August 12 - September 21.  4 North Main Street, Southampton, NY 11968. Gallery contact: TRM@TGallery.com 212.679.8585